Author: Jack Derwin

Jack is Superhero's Content Lead. Formerly a journalist, Jack has spent years reporting on companies, markets, and investing.
August 5th 2022

Spotlight: It’s a full house at Airbnb

Forget all the talk about the ‘new normal’ because Airbnb and Uber are showing us that it’s just like things used to be. Holiday….

July 29th 2022

Spotlight: Macca’s will now pay you to stay

Macca’s is taking drastic measures to find workers as labour shortages continue around the country. Meanwhile Apple and Amazon defy an advertising downturn and….

July 27th 2022

Spotify: The Deep Dive

Spotify has been at the coal face of a changing music industry for more than a decade, pioneering streaming and amassing hundreds of millions….

July 22nd 2022

Spotlight: Elon bins Bitcoin, lights up lithium instead

When Elon Musk announced Tesla was adding US$1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin to its books, it helped ignite a major crypto rally. Eighteen months….

July 21st 2022

Superhero Stories: James

James (30) is a self-professed “sports-mad school teacher” living down on the Mornington Peninsula. He makes $85,000 a year and has a net worth….

July 21st 2022

Superhero Stories: Rohan

Rohan (42) is a Sydney IT professional who likes to relax with a good book in hand. This bookworm focuses on his spirituality, health….

July 21st 2022

Superhero Stories: Shaun

A 19-year-old retail worker from Melbourne, Victoria, Shaun describes himself as someone “who is just looking to create the best life for himself”. This….

July 15th 2022

Spotlight: Flight Centre is now the most-shorted stock on the ASX

The story behind Flight Centre is well known. It starts with a double-decker bus in Europe, evolves into Top Deck, and ends up as….

July 13th 2022

Lululemon: The Deep Dive

Lululemon is today one of the most valuable apparel brands in the world with some analysts making parallels to Nike. Here’s what you need….

July 11th 2022

The 5 questions investors are asking this Q2 earnings season

Q2 earnings season officially kicks off in the U.S. this week with a slew of publicly-listed companies lining up to open their books to….