Category: Investing Essentials

January 24th 2022

What is the difference between ETFs and ETPs?

They might sound almost identical but investors shouldn’t conflate ETFs with ETPs. For investors starting out in the market, it pays to know the….

January 11th 2022

5 ways to kickstart your investing in 2022

As we kick off another year, there is no better time to leave bad financial habits behind and get on top of your finances.….

November 4th 2021

How does rising inflation impact my investments?

Right now there’s a lot of chatter about inflation rising both in Australia and abroad. But what is it and how might it impact….

October 26th 2021

Are you investing for your kids?

There is nothing quite like having kids to get you planning for the future. After all, kids are expensive, and parents understandably want to….

October 15th 2021

What is ethical investing?

Beyond understanding simply what a company does, investors are increasingly concerned with how it acts. A growing number are asking whether or not their….

September 27th 2021

What is an ETF?

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a managed investment fund that contains a basket of assets, which might include shares, bonds, commodities or more. So….

September 24th 2021

How do dividends work?

If a company does well, its board of directors might distribute some of the profits to shareholders. This is known as a dividend and….

September 21st 2021

5 steps to get started investing

If it’s your first foray into investing and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Most new investors feel apprehensive about making a bad investment….

September 17th 2021

How is Superhero different to micro-investing?

Superhero lets Australians invest in the market with as little as $100. But don’t be fooled – Superhero is not a micro-investing platform. It’s….

July 23rd 2021

How much do I need to start investing?

While you need significant sums of money to invest in property, the great thing about investing in shares is you can get started with….