Category: Market News

November 24th 2021

Retailers are looking to cash in on record Black Friday sales

Landmark pre-Christmas sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday look like they could be the biggest ever this year as cashed up consumers get….

November 17th 2021

The EV companies building your next ride

Rivian’s blockbuster IPO last week was the largest since Facebook back in 2012, valuing the electric vehicle (EV) maker at over US$100 billion after….

October 20th 2021

Crypto ETFs have arrived

If there was still any doubt, Bitcoin has now undoubtedly broken into the investment mainstream. On Tuesday, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) became….

October 19th 2021

The 4 big themes to watch for this earnings season

The U.S. earnings season is once again upon us as the world’s largest and most influential companies pull the curtain back on Wall Street. ….

October 19th 2021

The 5 most expensive companies on the ASX

Everyone loves a bargain but when it comes to investing, it pays to look beyond the share price. After all, investing is very different….

August 10th 2021

Travel – the road to recovery

Travel is a massive industry that has been absolutely clotheslined by COVID-19. Just look at the dust gathering on your frequent flyer points. Globally….

July 30th 2021

Healthcare – vaccines, new tech and ageing populations

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded investors everywhere that healthcare is big business. Billions of vaccinations and tests are being churned out globally in an….

July 20th 2021

What’s all the fuss about BNPL?

What is buy-now pay-later? Just another way for Millennials to get what they want, when they want. Credit cards without the interest and annual….