How do I claim a tax deduction for my personal contributions?


Superhero Team

May 26th 2021 3 minute read

Generally, you can claim a tax deduction for personal contributions you make. The personal contributions that you claim a deduction on will count towards your concessional contribution cap.

To claim a deduction, you must complete and submit to us a Notice of intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal super contributions form (Notice of Intent), available at, and receive an acknowledgment from us that your Notice of Intent is valid.

The other eligibility requirements are that you must lodge your completed Notice of Intent by the earlier of:

– the date you lodge your income tax return for the financial year in which you make the contribution, or

– 30 June of the next financial year.

You also need to lodge the Notice of Intent before you request any rollovers out of your Superhero Super account.