How do I transfer my super using myGov?


Superhero Team

May 26th 2021 3 minute read

To transfer your super to Superhero using myGov, see below steps:

Create a Superhero Super account click here. Once your account is created, your Superhero Super account will show in your myGov account. This can take up to 5 days to appear.

Once complete, follow the below steps:

  1. Create or log into your myGov account and ensure you have linked your account to the ATO
  2. Go to the ‘Super’ tab, which will show your existing superannuation accounts
  3. Choose the fund/s you want to transfer to Superhero Super
  4. Select your Superhero Super as the fund you wish to transfer to
  5. Confirm your selection and your funds should arrive in your Superhero Super account in 3-7 business days

For more information go to or