What investment options can I choose with an Autopilot account?


Superhero Team

July 27th 2021 3 minute read

Autopilot accounts must have a minimum of 70% of your account balance allocated to a Managed Investment Option. You also can choose up to six Themed Investment Options. Your contributions will be automatically invested in line with the preferences that you selected when you set up your portfolio.

A maximum of 10% can be allocated to any single Themed Investment, while the combined amount allocated to Themed Investment Options cannot be more than 30% of your account balance.

70% will be allocated to a Managed Investment Option – Diversified Global Index Portfolio

Themed Investment Options include:

  • U.S. Tech;
  • Asia Tech;
  • Global Healthcare;
  • Global Sustainability;
  • Gold; and
  • High-Interest Cash.

More information can be found in our Investment Guide.