Question Category: Legal Stuff

November 17th 2021

Why does Superhero request additional information from you?

As per our Terms and Conditions, from time to time we may require that you provide us with further information in order to verify your….

August 9th 2021

What is CHESS?

The Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) is the computer system used by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to manage the settlement of trades….

July 5th 2021

Does Superhero receive payment for order flow?

While it is not a requirement to disclose any arrangement for receiving payment for directing order flow, Superhero currently has no such arrangement and….

July 1st 2021

Do I need to complete any U.S. Tax Forms (e.g. W8-BEN form)?

A W8-BEN form is a legal U.S. Treasury document that is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The form allows foreign investors to….

May 25th 2021

How is my order directed into the market?

Any orders you place are directed into the market by our Market Participant.

July 1st 2021

How does Superhero handle my order instructions?

We pass your instructions on to our Market Participant. They execute your instructions according to their Best Execution Policy, the market Operating Rules and….

May 25th 2021

How are my shares held by Superhero?

Under our Terms and Conditions your shares are held in custody by Superhero Securities Limited (Superhero Securities) on your behalf. Superhero Securities’ purpose is….

May 25th 2021

Are my shares secure with Superhero?

Under our Terms and Conditions your shares are held by Superhero Securities Limited (Superhero Securities) as custodian, not by Superhero Markets Pty Ltd (Superhero….

May 25th 2021

Can Superhero use my cash or shares?

No, Superhero does not have access to your investments for its own use. Superhero Securities’ purpose is to act as custodian for customers pursuant….

May 25th 2021

Am I covered by the National Guarantee Fund for Australian trading?

The National Guarantee Fund (NGF) is a compensation fund administered by the Securities Exchanges Guarantee Corporation (SEGC), that is available to meet certain valid….