Question Category: U.S. Trading

August 11th 2022

Does Superhero lend securities?

No, Superhero does not lend out the holdings of customers, and never has.  Securities lending is performed by some brokers where customers’ shares are….

August 9th 2021

Can I trade U.S. shares on weekends and public holidays?

The stock market is only open Monday to Friday, not on weekends or public holidays. You can still place a trade with Superhero on….

August 5th 2021

What is a Market Order (U.S. Trading)?

A Market Order in the U.S. is an order to buy or sell securities at the prevailing market price. Market Orders are based on….

July 7th 2021

What is a Limit Order?

A Limit Order is an order to buy or sell a certain number of shares for a specified price (or better). Limit Orders expire….

May 24th 2021

How do I place a trade?

You need to add funds to your Superhero Wallet before you can trade. Once your Wallet is funded, you can search for a share….

July 5th 2021

Does Superhero receive payment for order flow?

While it is not a requirement to disclose any arrangement for receiving payment for directing order flow, Superhero currently has no such arrangement and….

July 1st 2021

Do I need to complete any U.S. Tax Forms (e.g. W8-BEN form)?

A W8-BEN form is a legal U.S. Treasury document that is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The form allows foreign investors to….

May 24th 2021

How will I know when my order has been placed?

Once your order has been executed we will send you a text message or push confirmation.

July 1st 2021

Where can I find the Trade Confirmation for my order?

Once your order is complete, you can find your Trade Confirmation listed in the Activity tab, by clicking the dropdown next to the transaction….

May 24th 2021

Can I amend my Order?

No, Limit and Market Orders cannot be amended once they are placed. If you would like to change your order, please cancel it and….