How is Superhero Super different?


Superhero Team

August 2nd 2021 3 minute read

We think your life savings deserve special attention. The trouble has been they have been held out of your reach for too long. Retirement may be a little or a long way away, but we thought today should be the day to begin building the future you want. So we built Superhero Super for you. 

We wanted to give you a superpower, to invest your super the way you want – down to individual shares, diversified portfolios, themed and sector investments. Super that reflects what you believe without the headaches of a SMSF or being herded into a ‘status quo’ super fund. 

So, how are we different?

There are a few things we offer that we believe makes us unique. Firstly, we have developed a simple user experience inside some extremely sophisticated technology. Our technology interfaces in real-time with Australian investment markets. 

While that sounds complex, we have designed Superhero Super to be easily understood so you know exactly what is happening with your super at all times. 

We have put together a range of investment options that allow you to diversify your portfolio in line with your explicit preferences. You have the choice, right down to individual shares, of giving your super direct access to some of the world’s best companies. 

If you believe in certain themes in the market like sustainability, technology or the importance of global healthcare you can allocate exposure to these opportunities in a well-diversified, professionally managed range of investments.  

We have also provided a way for your super to get broad exposure to the general direction of the global market, while ensuring a level of diversification to limit some of the volatility. 

When you start exploring the potential your super has, you can consider how much risk you are willing to accept, what kind of enterprises you would like to invest in, what the duration of your investment horizon is likely to be and when you might consider changing from a wealth creation to a wealth preservation strategy. 

Super and insurance can work together to create long term financial wellbeing. We think it’s important that as your insurance needs change your cover is agile enough to change with you.  We’ve applied the same values to insurance as we have to your super, easy to manage and transparent. Superhero Super provides options for Life Insurance and TPD Insurance.

Finally, let’s talk about fees. You will know who you are paying, what it covers, and why. If you want to make changes you can. Simple. So, yes, we are different, but this is not really about us. 

This is about you now. 

Your Money. Your Move.


Please read our Product Disclosure Statement, Additional Information Guide, Investment Guide and Insurance Guide in addition to our Target Market Determination for our Autopilot Account and Control Account for full information regarding Superhero Super. A Target Market Determination (TMD) is a document which describes who a product is appropriate for.

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