How to join Superhero Super


Superhero Team

August 2nd 2021 3 minute read

Welcome to Superhero Super, the super fund that gives you control over your super, to invest in what you’re invested in. With Superhero Super, you can invest up to 75% of your super in your choice of themes, ASX shares and ETFs.

You can get set up with Superhero Super in five easy steps:

  1. Set up your Superhero account
  2. Add a Super Account
  3. Choose your Superhero Super account type
  4. Find and rollover your super to Superhero
  5. Invest your super your way

Signing up for an account

To join Superhero Super you must first open a Superhero investing account. Once you have a Superhero account, login and click the ‘Add Super Account’ button in the top right of your Superhero Dashboard. You’ll then be taken through the signup process for Superhero Super. 

Signing up for Superhero Super is simple:

  1. Select your account type and investment option
  2. Find and rollover your super
  3. Set up your insurance cover
  4. Invest your super your way

Choosing your account type

Superhero Super offers two different account types that provide you varying degrees of control and automation. The rest of your super will be allocated to our balanced portfolio.

Autopilot allows you to invest up to 30% of your super in a range of pre-selected ETFs, with up to 10% in each ETF. The rest of your super will be allocated to our Diversified Global Index Option. More information available here.

Control allows you to invest up to 75% of your super in your choice of investments from the ASX300, ETFs and LICs. The rest of your super will be allocated to our Diversified Global Index Option. More information available here.

For full details on Superhero Super please read our Product Disclosure Statement, Investment Guide, Insurance Guide and Additional Information Guide.

Transfer your super

When you sign up for Superhero Super we ask for your Tax File Number (TFN). With your consent, your TFN can allow us to find all of your existing super accounts using the ATO’s matching service so that you can easily transfer your balances over to Superhero.

If you have money in more than one super account, you’ll have the option to consolidate your super into your Superhero Super account during the signup process.

Before transferring your super to Superhero Super, you should consider the implications for fees and tax, and the loss of any entitlements such as insurance cover from your current superannuation provider.

Employer Contributions Transfer

Transferring your existing super balances to Superhero won’t automatically instruct your employer to direct future contributions to Superhero. Once you’ve set up your Superhero Super account, you can find your personalised Employer Contributions Form in Profile, which has been filled out for you. Download this form and send it to your employer to direct your future contributions to Superhero.

Insurance Setup

Superhero Super offers two types of insurance:

  • Life Insurance: Provides a lump sum benefit if you die or are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness.
  • Total Permanent Disability Insurance: Provides a lump sum benefit if you suffer Total and Permanent Disablement.

There are costs, called ‘premiums’ associated with insurance cover. These costs are deducted from your Superhero Super account balance.

When you sign up for Superhero Super, you will be asked to complete an insurance questionnaire to help us determine the right level of cover for you. If you do not want insurance cover with Superhero, you can opt out of insurance during this process. 

If you do not complete your insurance setup or opt out during the signup process, you will receive a default level of cover from when you receive your first rollover or contribution. The amount of default cover you will receive depends on your age. Premiums will be determined by your age, level of cover and occupation. Details can be found in our Insurance Guide.

Please note that we cannot provide default insurance to new members aged under 25 years, or to members with balances below $6,000 whose balance has not exceeded $6,000. If we do not provide you with insurance cover by default and you wish to obtain or maintain insurance cover, please contact us to find out how to make an election to do so.


The information provided on this webpage is general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision to acquire the product you should consider how appropriate it is given your individual circumstances and consider seeking independent professional advice. You should also read the Product Disclosure Statement and incorporated documents before making a decision.

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