April 15, 2024

Introducing $2 Trades

From 15 April 2024, Superhero will be implementing an updated pricing model. Learn more about the changes, including our introduction of $2 trades.

By Stella Ong

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Our mission has always been to make investing more accessible, affordable and understandable. When we launched, we gave trading a kick up the ASX, we crashed Wall Street’s party and now, with your unwavering support, almost 300,000 Aussies have approximately $2 billion invested on Superhero.

As we evolve from a new kid on the block to one of Australia’s leading investment and superannuation platforms, we're announcing changes to our pricing to proudly ensure we remain Australia’s Best Value Broker.  

These changes will take into effect beginning 15 April 2024 for AUS trades, and 1 May 2024 for Wall Street trades.

Changes to Superhero’s pricing 

Superhero’s new brokerage fees

We've brought down the cost of investing on the ASX and standardised our pricing to a single, consistent figure for every trade you make on Superhero, to keep things simple. 

Here are the updated figures:

Trades up to $20,000 A$2 US$2
Trades over $20,000 0.01% of trade value 0.01% of trade value

*Other fees may apply.

Yup, you can invest from just $2 across both AUS and Wall Street markets! (A$2 for AUS or US$2 for Wall St)

The new brokerage fees will be implemented on the respective dates across all securities on Superhero.

Lower minimum trade value on AUS trades

From 15 April 2024, our minimum trade size for AU trades will also be lowered from A$100 to A$10. This is in line with our minimum trade size of US$10 for trades on Wall Street.

Lower FX transfer fee

From 1 May 2024, our FX fees will also drop from 70 bps to 65 bps. This change will be implemented across transfers from AUD to USD and vice versa.

To give you some perspective, that’s a saving of US$2.50 on a $5,000 transfer.

superhero $2 trades

*AUD for AUS trades and USD for Wall Street trades.

Changes to Qantas Points 

We know that one of the reasons you love Superhero is the value we bring to your investing journey. In fact, we’re proud to share that through our partnership with Qantas Frequent Flyer, we’ve issued a total of over 200 million Qantas Points! 

As we make some adjustments to our pricing, we're also updating the points you’ll earn on each trade.

Changes to Qantas Points earned

From 15 April 2024, all eligible AU trades will earn you 25 Qantas Points. 

Similarly, from 1 May 2024, all eligible Wall Street trades will earn you 25 Qantas Points. However, Qantas Points will no longer be awarded for eligible FX transfers or share transfers in. 

See our Qantas T&C’s for more details.


Note: Brokerage and minimum investment changes may not apply to Superhero Super. Please see www.superhero.com.au/superannuation for more details.

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