July 2, 2021

Setting up your Superhero account

Setting up your Superhero online trading account only takes a few minutes. You can invest in ASX and U.S. shares with Superhero.

By Superhero Team

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Setting up your Superhero online trading account only takes a few minutes. You can invest in ASX and U.S. shares with Superhero with no monthly fees. 

Set up your Superhero account

To get started investing with Superhero, you’ll need to create an account via the Superhero website or mobile app.

Create your account in a few simple steps:

  1. Provide your name, mobile number and email address;
  2. Verify your mobile number;
  3. Enter a few more personal details; and
  4. Verify your identity.

Once you’ve verified your identity and created your online trading account, we’ll send you an email to verify your email address to complete your account setup. If you’re having trouble verifying your account, our support team will be able to help you via chat.

Verify your email address, and then you’re ready to fund your account and start investing! 

Using the Superhero App

The Superhero App is made up of different tabs, or sections. We’ve provided 


When you first open your app, you will be taken to your Dashboard, which shows key account information including:

  1. Portfolio Value
  2. Diversification across different sectors
  3. Holdings
  4. Following
  5. Pending orders
  6. Activity
  7. Latest News


The Invest tab is where you can view stock information and place trades. The Invest tab can be viewed in either a list view or a grid view, which allows you to see a performance graph for different shares side by side. 

You can click on a share to view detailed information about the company and its performance. Once you’re ready to place a trade, you can click the Buy or Sell button (if you own the stock already), place either a Limit or Market order and confirm your order.


The Activity tab of your Superhero account shows all activity associated with your account, including trades, deposits, dividends, fees and withdrawals.


Your Superhero Wallet is where you make deposits, transfer currency between AUD and USD, and make withdrawals. For more information on your Superhero Wallet, read our article on Deposits and Currency Transfers with Superhero.


Superhero provides all customers with comprehensive portfolio and tax reports with no monthly account fee. There are a number of reports available, from overall portfolio valuation, to realised gains, cash statements and fees and expenses reports For more information, read our article on Reporting and Tax with Superhero.


From your Profile, you can view all your account information, as well as update your details, and create or change your trading pin.

Benefits of Investing with Superhero

When you invest with Superhero, you have access to:

  1. Trade ASX and U.S. shares and ETFs
  2. Live market data
  3. Real-time deposits and currency transfers
  4. Fractional U.S. shares
  5. Comprehensive tax reporting
  6. No Monthly Account Fees

Our aim is to make investing as accessible and affordable as possible, by offering:

  1. $2 brokerage on trades up to $20k (other fees may apply for US trades)
  2. Minimum trade of just A$10 for ASX shares and ETFs and US$10 for U.S. shares and ETFs

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Why you should join us:

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  2. Fund your account in real time with PayID.
  3. Get investing with brokerage from $2. Other fees may apply for U.S. shares.