July 2, 2024

We’ve lowered admin fees on Superhero Super

We now have lower fees and costs than 75% of other super funds. In fact, Superhero Super was awarded Winner of Excellent Rates & Fees in the WeMoney Superannuation Awards 2024.

By Stella Ong

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Remember the last time you checked the fees and costs of your super fund? Maybe today’s the day.

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve just slashed fees on our award-winning2 Superhero Super to give you more, for less.

Lower administration fees and costs

Superhero Super members will now see a lower asset-based administration fee of 0.35% per annum plus $1.00 per week ($52 per annum).

We’re in the top tier when it comes to low fees. Superhero Super is rated in the top 25% of all Super funds for lowest overall fees and costs by SuperRatings.1

For a super balance of $50,000 invested 100% in the Growth investment option, you can now save on average $156 in annual fees with Superhero Super compared to the median super fund.1


superhero super fees vs average median

Changes to Superhero Super’s brokerage

Brokerage for Superhero Super direct investments (within the Direct Investments Option) has also been changed to $2 per trade, or 0.10% of the trade value if the trade exceeds $2,000. 

That’s right – you can invest your super in direct shares, ETFs, Hybrids or LICs with Superhero Super’s Direct Investment Option.3 

Our minimum trade size has also been lowered from $100 to $10.

Learn more about Superhero Super’s direct investments in our Direct Investment Guide.

Award-winning Superhero Super

In addition to our new fees, we’re also thrilled to share that we were recently crowned winner for Excellent Rates and Fees and Best for Direct Investment at the WeMoney Superannuation Awards 2024

Plus, we're finalists for WeMoney’s Retail Superannuation Fund of the Year, Best for Ethical Investing and Best for Mobile Flexibility categories.


Superhero Super wemoney awards winner


These achievements underscore our mission to make investing and super more accessible, affordable and understandable.

You’ve earned your super. We're just here to unlock the flexibility and support to grow it on your terms.3


1 SuperRatings undertook a fee analysis of Superhero Super’s Growth and MySuper Growth investment options against a broad range of other superannuation funds tracked by and derived from SuperRatings median data for the relevant 60%-76% growth asset allocation range. The SuperRatings data used the latest available information as at 31 March 2024. The comparison was based on the total fees and costs of Superhero Super Growth and Superhero MySuper Growth, assuming a $5k, $50k, $100k and $250k account balance effective from 15 May 2024. Superhero Growth was in the top quartile for low fees and costs across all account balances used in the comparison. Superhero Growth fees and costs were 28% lower compared to the median fund for a 50k balance. Refer to the Superhero Super PDS and TMD for more information on investment options.

2 Awarded - Winner: Excellent Rates and Fees, Winner: Best for Direct Investments in the WeMoney Superannuation Awards 2024. Awards and ratings are only one thing to consider when deciding if Superhero Super is right for you. Read the PDS and TMD for more information.

3 Holding limits and different fees apply to investments held by members in Superhero Super. Read the PDS for more information.

4 Consider the effect that switching superannuation funds may have on your insurance and other related benefits. It is important to thoroughly review and understand the potential impact on your insurance coverage, fees, investment options, and other benefits before making any changes.

5 Fees shown in the table are fees you would pay in Superhero Super if you were invested 100% in the Growth Investment option for the year following 15 May 2023 and other fees and costs may apply. Refer to the PDS and TMD for more information.

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