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Can I open a Superhero account with my Trust?

Yes, you can open a Superhero account with your Trust if you have a company trustee (joint trustee and individual trustees coming soon)

You must be a Director of the Corporate Trustee in order to set up a Trust account with Superhero.

To open a Superhero account for your Trust:

  • Log in to your Superhero account
  • Go  to the Profile tab and select Add New Account
  • Select Company (incl Corporate Trustee)
  • Provide your ACN and select Yes under Corporate Trustee
  • Select Family Trust and fill out the details of your Family Trust including the details of all Company Directors
  • Upload your Trust Deed for verification

Your account will then be verified (this may take a few days).

If you already hold shares with another broker for your Trust,  you can transfer your shares to Superhero once you have set up and verified your account.