How do I withdraw funds out of my Superhero cash account?


Superhero Team

May 25th 2021 3 minute read

To transfer funds out of your Superhero Wallet simply click on Wallet and go to the Bank Accounts tab. The bank account you transferred funds in by PayID will automatically have been added to your account. This is the bank account you are able to withdraw to.

If you made a deposit using BPAY, you will need to make a payment using PayID or bank transfer (any amount) to your Superhero account in order to verify a bank account to which money can be withdrawn. Once your bank account has been verified this payment can be withdrawn.

Most customers find this the quickest way to verify their bank account, but if you are unable to make a deposit using PayID please contact us on live chat to have your bank account manually verified.

If you have any questions or issues or need to withdraw more than the standard withdrawal limit, you will need to contact us on live chat and you will be asked to provide further identification in order to make that withdrawal to a bank account in your name.