June 28, 2024

Why super matters when you’re young

For many Australians, their super is their biggest investment. Taking the time to understand and learn how super works may just set you up for future financial success, especially if you start early.

By Stella Ong

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Super isn’t exactly that most popular topic of conversation for younger Australians. For most of them the word ‘super’ automatically conjures up images of retirement homes, elderly people walking along the beach and repetitive ad jingles. 

However, taking the time to learn about how super works may just become your key to financial success. 

Take ownership of your future

The way young Australians feel about their super doesn’t align at all with who they are. Young Australians are not unengaged or apathetic. They care very deeply about causes they are passionate about, whether that be climate change, gender diversity, technology or animal and human rights.

The average Australian entering the job market today at 18 and retiring at 65 will be working for 48 years. That could be 48 years where a percentage of your earnings will be invested to build for your financial future.

We know that your needs for your Super will change from the time you’re 25 to the time you’re 65, it’s why we’ve built Superhero Super with flexibility in mind. Your super is your money, and you should have the flexibility to decide where it is invested.* 

Invest your super your way

The first step in taking control of your super is understanding where your super is. Or in other words, finding out which fund your employer deposits your super contributions in.

You can find your super through the ATO. Alternatively, Superhero Super’s signup process also provides you the option to find your super through your tax file number (TFN).

The next step is to decide how much flexibility you would like to have with handling your super. 

Many superannuation providers provide their members with a limited number of investing choices. 

Superhero Super on the other hand, allows you to invest in a wide variety of investment options. You may choose to invest your super into a professionally-managed investment portfolio or even take it into your own hands by allocating a portion of your funds to ASX 300 shares, and/or a range of ETFs, LICs and hybrids*. 

Super doesn’t have to be a chore

Managing your super may sound intimidating, but that’s where we step in. 

Superhero puts your super in the palm of your hand with our mobile app, giving you greater transparency over your super balance, investments, fees and account activity. 

By having your Superhero Trading and Superhero Super accounts side-by-side you can build your financial future in one accessible and understandable platform. No more clunky websites with slow interfaces.

Your super is your money. Whether you prefer to have it managed by a professional or invested in shares you believe in, you have the freedom to choose*. Superhero Super helps you manage your super as simply as possible.


*Holding limits apply to investments held by members in Superhero Super. 


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