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Can I transfer my U.S. shares to/from Superhero?

Yes, you can transfer your U.S. shares and ETFs in or out of your Superhero account. Only whole shares can be transferred (i.e. not fractional shares).

If you already hold shares with another broker or with a transfer agent and would like to transfer all or some of your shares to Superhero, you will need to complete a US Share Transfer form available on our website. We do not charge a fee for accepting shares transferred from another broker, but there may be other fees depending on the transfer type, including for shares transferred from the Direct Registration System (DRS) with a transfer agent.

If you wish to transfer shares in your Superhero account to another US broker, you will need to request a transfer form from your other broker. Transferring shares out of your Superhero account will incur transfer fees, which are charged by Apex Clearing Corporation. Please see the Superhero Fee Schedule for further information.

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