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How do I set a stop loss order with Superhero?

  1. Choose a holding from your portfolio and set ‘Order Type’ to ‘Stop Loss Order’.
  2. Set the trigger price. This is the price at or below which your shares or ETF units will begin to sell.
  3. Choose the number of units you would want to sell in case the price falls to or below the trigger.
  4. Tap ‘Review’ and check the details of your new Stop Loss Order. 
  5. If you’re happy with it, submit it. You can always edit or delete the order later from your dashboard under the ‘Pending’ tab.


  1. Stop loss order explainer


If you wish to change or cancel your stop loss order, log into your Superhero account and click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab followed by ‘Pending’.

You will be able to view and make changes to your stop loss order/s once you click on the order/s that you wish to amend.

Please note: Stop Loss orders are currently available for AU Trading only and valid for 180 days after you place the order.