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Top Questions

  • Q: How do I open a Superhero account?

    To open a Superhero account, Click Here


  • Q: How do I place a trade?

    You need to add funds to your Superhero Wallet before you can trade.

    Once your Wallet is funded, you can search for a share or go to the ‘Invest’ tab to find and click on the share you wish to buy or sell.

  • Q: How are my shares held by Superhero?

    Under our Terms and Conditions your shares are held in custody by Superhero Nominees Pty Ltd (Superhero Nominees) on your behalf.

    Superhero Nominees’ purpose is to act as custodian for customers pursuant to our Terms and Conditions and it does not acquire a beneficial or proprietary interest in your investments, or the income and rights attached to your investments. Superhero Nominees holds an institutional HIN on the ASX CHESS system and is a regulated entity charged with holding assets.

    For clarity, beneficial ownership means that you, the owner of the shares, get the direct benefit from the shares. 

    The shares purchased within your Superhero account are yours and cannot be accessed by others, including claims from any creditors of Superhero. 

    For more information on the custody of your shares and Superhero Nominees, please refer to our Terms and Conditions, including the Nominee Terms at Schedule 1.

  • Q: What are the fees to trade with Superhero?

    The full fee schedule for Superhero can be found here.

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    Start investing with no account fees and a low minimum investment.

  • Understandable

    No jargon. We give you clarity and control to invest your way.

  • Affordable

    $0 brokerage on U.S. shares and $5 brokerage on Aussie shares.

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    Two-factor authentication and bank-level encryption.