July 4, 2024

Superhero x Equity Mates Winter Series

This month, we've teamed up with our friends at Equity Mates to bring you invaluable insights on some of the most popular ASX and US stocks.

By Stella Ong

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This month, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Equity Mates to bring you weekly insights on some of the most popular ASX and US stocks.

We finally embark on the last week of our collaboration with Equity Mates, where we’ve shared invaluable insights on some of the most popular ASX and US stocks over the past three weeks.

Is Super Micro Nvidia’s Sidekick? 

Founded in 1993, Super Micro Computer is a prominent player in the global tech industry, specialising in advanced server technology, high-performance motherboards and networking equipment.

Super Micro Computer has been one of Superhero’s top traded US shares this year. The company is known for its innovative hardware design and commitment to scalable, energy-efficient solutions for cloud computing, data centers and enterprise IT sectors.

Listen to the episode on Super Micro Computer

“Super micro produces some of the highest performance servers and computing systems. So if you’re building an AI-optimised data centre, you’re probably putting a lot of money in the pocket of Nvidia and Super Micro…”



Zip’s back

Zip Co, listed on the ASX, captured investor attention during the buy now, pay later boom. It gained an impressive 133% from January to mid-February 2021, before later plummeting over 97% from its peak.

Recently however, the company experienced a remarkable turnaround with a more than 200% increase. Today, we delve into its current rally and explore questions surrounding its sustainability.

Listen to the episode on Zip Co

“Listed on the ASX. It certainly captured the minds and imagination of many investors back when buy now pay later was absolutely ripping. Zip fell 97% from its peak in 2021. But  from November 2023 to today it is up more than 200%. So it’s been a slow turnaround story but a turnaround story…”


Week 3 of the Superhero x Equity Mates Winter Series

Is Eli Lilly future-proof?

Eli Lilly has shown significant growth with revenues increasing from $25 billion in 2020 to $34 billion in 2023, driven by advancements in weight-loss drugs and other pharmaceuticals.

Despite the revenue surge, profit margins have declined due to insulin price reductions. This episode delves into Eli Lilly’s future prospects and explores the primary reasons why Eli Lilly continues to attract investor interest.

Listen to the episode on Eli Lilly

“There’s no doubt that this is a profitable company with lifelong users of its drugs who will continue supporting it. The question about whether it will….”



Audinate’s Rise in the AV World

Audinate, founded in 2003, operates within the IT sector with a primary focus on the audio-visual (AV) industry. Their core mission, as stated on their website, revolves around simplifying and enhancing audio connectivity and flexibility.

Their target markets include live sound events, large-scale stadium events, recording and broadcast studios, corporate events and other environments requiring extensive audio-visual setups.

Listen to the episode on Audinate

“Audinate is like the software that’s becoming integrated with hardware, in the same way that Roku worked really hard to become integrated in a lot of like consumer TV’s. Audinate has done a pretty good job with Dante, the flagship software…”



Week 2 of the Superhero x Equity Mates Winter Series

Tesla’s future is here

Tesla has shown remarkable growth, increasing sales from $20 billion in 2018 to nearly $100 billion in 2023. With a profit margin of 15%, Tesla boasts margins higher than its traditional car-making peers.

While some traditional automakers face significant losses in their EV divisions, Tesla’s profitability highlights a fundamental shift in the automotive industry. In this episode, delve into Tesla’s future prospects and explore the primary reasons why Tesla continues to attract investor interest.

Listen to the episode on Tesla

“As of 2023, Tesla is the biggest battery electric vehicle maker with 19.9% market share. As of March 2024, it’s the world’s most valuable automaker since IPO in 2010. The share price is up more than 11,000%…”


Catapult: leveraging data analytics in sports

In this episode, Bryce and Ren delve into Catapult, an Australian company known for its cutting-edge global sports tracking and analytics technology.

Founded in 1999, Catapult serves major sports leagues and teams across 100 countries and 40 sports, boasting users such as elite athletes Patrick Mahomes and Mbappé.

The company’s revenue peaked at $95 million before COVID-19, dropped to $67 million during the pandemic, and rebounded to $84 million by 2023. However, uncertainties remain about Catapult’s future growth trajectory and its appeal to investors.

Listen to the episode on Catapult

“They’re essentially providing technology and analytics to professional sports. All the data from athlete monitoring and video analysis feeds into their Captapult software platform.
Teams and leagues subscribe to this platform, making it a kind of software as a service product, bundled with various hardware components….”


Week 1 of the Superhero x Equity Mates Winter Series

For the first week of this Superhero x Equity Mates series, we explore the fascinating worlds of Disney and ASX darling DroneShield. Dive deep into their histories, financials, and future prospects in this comprehensive analysis.

Welcome to Disneyland!

It’s been an eventful year for Disney (NYSE:DIS) so far. It partnered up with Epic Games to bring Disney characters to the gaming world, it finally reached the finale of its two-year long proxy battle, and it saw some big jumps in its share price following its earnings releases.

From Disney’s history to its current financial outlook, navigate the complexities of one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates with this Equity Mates Deep Dive, sponsored by Superhero.

Listen to the episode on Disney

“Let’s start with what Disney is. Disney is a global entertainment conglomerate known for its iconic animated films and theme parks, but it truly stands out for its diverse media empire.

It’s a $200 billion company and one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world…”



DroneShield and the Evolution of Warfare

It’s up over 240% year-to-date, it jumped from a A$949k loss in FY 2022 to a A$9.33m profit last year, and it recently reached a billion-dollar market cap. DroneShield (ASX:DRO) has been one of Superhero’s most traded shares this year – and it’s not surprising to see how it got investors’ attention.

Established in Virginia in 2014 by ex-U.S. military personnel and later listed in Australia, DroneShield is a leader in adapting to modern warfare’s shift to small drones.

While successful, it grapples with competition concerns and the need for tech advancement.

Discover its vital role in warfare, evident in aid packages like Australia’s $10.4 million contribution to Ukraine. Learn about its drive to meet demand and advance AI capabilities through funding efforts.

Listen to the episode on DroneShield

“On October 13, 2022, in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, we witnessed the first recorded instance of unarmed drone-on-drone combat. Then, in May 2023, came the first surrender to a drone, or rather, via a drone…”






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