June 21, 2024

Superhero x Pengana: Introducing the Pengana Global Private Credit Trust

The Pengana Global Private Credit Trust will be the first Listed Investment Trust on the ASX since 2021! Learn more about ASX:PCX in our CEO's interview with Pengana's CEO.

By Stella Ong

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Pengana: Diversified Funds Management Group

Pengana Capital Group (ASX:PCG) is an ASX-listed Australian investment management firm that was founded in 2003. The group offers a wide range of investment options for both everyday and institutional investors, with some of their funds also publicly-listed on the ASX.

A few examples of Pengana’s publicly-listed funds are the Pengana International Equities (ASX:PIA) and Pengana Private Equity Trust (ASX:PE1).

Pengana’s team of experts manages various funds, each focusing on different types of investments, including equities, corporate debt and emerging companies. They also provide access to private equity investments, offering opportunities that aren’t usually available to the general public.

Pengana Global Private Credit Trust

The Pengana Global Private Credit Trust invests in over 2,000 underlying corporate loans and targets a minimum 7% per annum cash yield. It’s set to be the most diversified global private credit trust on the ASX and will be the only one on the Aussie markets that has a quarterly buy-back mechanism.

How to buy PCX on the ASX

The Pengana Global Private Credit Trust (ASX:PCX) debuts on the markets today and is now available on Superhero!

Learn more about Pengana and PCX in our CEO’s interview with Pengana’s CEO.



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